The Boatshed team has been throwing themselves into the water inside a large inflatable ball in order to bring you the latest from this year's Southampton Boatshow. Not content with just being the most sociable stand at the show (Fizz @ Five - everyone is invited), the crew has also been trying out some of the fun to be had.

Hydrozorbing sounds painful and looks crazy but it is sure to take off as the team literally walked on water. We know there are some in the Boatshed family who already have this attribute on their CV but for the rest of us mere mortals, we have to encase ourselves in a giant inflatable sphere and roll around for a bit!

And spare a thought for the newest member of the team - Mark has actually had to resort to raiding the first aid box to tend to a blister because of all the bottles of fizz he has had to open (in the one day that he has been at the show). As we've said before, it's a hard life so please do join us to help us reach our target of 1000 bottles this year.