Phil, the owner of Boatshed Thames took a phone call from a gentleman with a foreign accent.

Turns out Mats had been on the web checking out one of the local Boatshed Thames boats for sale all the way from the land of Sweden.

Unfortunately for Mats the boat in question had just been sold and so Phil spent the time talking with Mats to find out if he could find a short list and hopefully the boat of his wishes out of the 2000 or so boats has for sale at the minute.

From the carefully selected few Mats chose a Seadoo 2000 listed not too far away by Boatshed North Wales man on the ground, Rob.

After studying all the photos and information coupled with the professional way he'd been dealt with and the reputation of the guys Mats put in an
offer over the phone from the comfort of Sweden.

So with engine serviced and the trailer overhauled before the sale was completed the final part of her UK journey was arranged by those guys with a short cruise booked for the Seadoo.

As the ship pulled in the moment of seeing his new boat for the first time got closer for Mats,
We are glad to report another very happy customer when she arrived in Sweden ready to go without Mats seeing her, other than on the web, or even leaving his country thanks to the way do business and work as a team between the 63 offices globally.

Happy Boating Mats, Many thanks!!