The Scrubbis hull cleaning tool allows you to scrub the hull clear of fouling using a foam cleaning head on a telescopic handle. Scrubbis works by using its own 2kg positive buoyancy; the head pressing itself firmly against the hull to aid cleaning in hard to reach areas beneath the waterline. Now there are two new heads: a Waterline and Groovy cleaning head. Both fix to existing telescopic handles, which reach down from the jetty or from the deck to clean boats up to 2m draft. Scrubbis have also developed a 12cm square Indicator Plate, which can be hung in the water next to the yacht, or from the yacht itself. Pulled up from time to time, the plate gives a visual inspection of the degree of fouling likely to be residing on the hull.

Groovy Cleaning head: £50
Waterline head: £60
Telescopic handle accessory: £25
Fouling Indicator Plate: £4.70

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