Today, the Southampton Boat Show 2007 draws to a close and we look back over some of the moments that have made it another scorcher for Boatshed.

It is so difficult to choose just one highlight so instead, we have put our number-crunching heads on to come up with the official Boatshed Southampton Boat Show Statistics Table:

• 39 boats under offer & sold
• 1,012 bottles of champagne poured and shared
• 1,428 music tracks played
• 5,647 people met, spoken to, introduced to Boatshed’s way of doing things and charmed!
• 166,476 registered Boatshed Customers
• 1,657 boats for sale
• 120 Boatshed pages viewed per second
• 100 people given complimentary RNLI Offshore membership
• 20 hours of Fizz @ Five

We met so many people but someone that stands out is Geoff Holt who came to Fizz @ Five on Saturday and left us all with a humbling sense of our own non-achievements. We can't wait to read the book!

What makes the Boatshed stand the place to be at any show we do are the people - from the crazy to the calm, the daft to the demure, every visitor and member of staff that stood on the hallowed blue carpet over the 10 days of this show have helped to continue the great work that Boatshed does. Because, as has been said before, Boatshed doesn't sell boats - Boatshed people do.

'Til next year!