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Friday, 05 May 2017

Crewsaver is determined to bring about change in people’s attitudes towards lifejacket safety, not wearing a lifejacket in the most extreme cases can be fatal; equally wearing a lifejacket that has not been looked after correctly or is not fit for purpose can also be very damaging.  Often boaters are spotted out on the water either not wearing a lifejacket at all, wearing a damaged lifejacket or one that is incorrectly fitted.

The #LifejacketSafe campaign aims to increase safety awareness by highlighting the importance of not only wearing a personal flotation device, but also making sure it is worn correctly and is well maintained.  So if the worst should happen, you are well equipped and can rest assured that your safety equipment is not going to let you down.

In 2014, the RNLI reported that out of the 6,752 lifejackets checked at their lifejacket clinics, a staggering 587 of lifejackets might not have worked as the carbon dioxide bottle had already been fired or was missing altogether.**

With this in mind, top of the #LifejacketSafe agenda will be to drive the importance of lifejacket maintenance and servicing.  Crewsaver will provide users with weekly top tips on not only buying the correct lifejacket for your activity, but also on how to keep it ready for action should the unthinkable (but possible) happen.  Users can access these tips, along with upcoming #LifejacketSafe competitions and challenges through both the Crewsaver website and social media pages.

**RNLI, (2014). Operational Statistics

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