The weather is hot, the boats are hotter and you can watch it all shortly thanks to the Camera Crew!

For those of you who prefer their blog in prose (and are impatient), then as a quick summary, we spent the day on the Strictly Sail Miami side of the show - full of enthusiasts and boats with sails (no really?!).
We've been aboard the largest sailing boat in the show (a Polish built catamaran from Sunreef Yachts - 63ft)
We've met the largest character at the show (that'll be Bob Bitchin from the infamous Lats and Atts magazine)
We've seen the loveliest wooden yacht (The Friendship 53)
We've made loads of mates and we've introduced to lots of people. And we've got the blisters to prove it! met an alien at the "invite only, tickets are gold-dust" Sail magazine event. We have the photos to prove it but we'll need bribing to show.

And we've been getting ready for some of the biggest parties - like the world famous Lats and Atts Cruiser's Bash on Saturday night which is sponsoring.

Keep your eyes on the upcoming Boatshed Blog for muscle machines, a jet powered surf board and some very dodgy dancing......

And if you are in Miami, then you have to come and see us. We're in the Convention Centre (and everywhere you look - there are at least 20 of the crew around so please say hi!)