Oceanwave is different to what has gone before in this market and the company has technological innovation by the bucketload (which is why we like them of course!) From investing in equipment to personally ensuring that customers are able to connect to the internet from the comfort of their own boat, the service allows boat owners to enjoy contract-free broadband from a range of coastal and inland marinas.

Jon Howell, MD of Oceanwave, is a keen sailor and set up the company because he couldn't find any other way of connecting to the internet while onboard. "It was frustrating that other companies promised a service but failed to deliver, so with my background in telecommunications and wireless in particular, I knew I could work out a solution. Oceanwave has been going for two years now and with more than 40 marinas, both coastal and inland, signed up to the service and with plenty more in the pipeline, the network is growing weekly."

Oceanwave offers a competitive tariff starting at just £5 for a day up to £110 for a year (cheaper than home broadband!) Download and upload speeds are fast, the service is reliable and, what's more, there is no contract and you can use it wherever there is Oceanwave coverage.