Jukung a Traditional Balinese Fishing Canoe.

On a recent trip to Bali, Indonesia Boatshed Texas was introduced to some of the traditional fishing boats the locals call Jukung or Cadik's a open wooden outrigger canoe. The fisherman that work tirelessly each day to bring in the catch head out in the early hours of the night across the Lombok Straights to bring in the days catch. The trip out in addition to being pitch black is also to windward against the elements as the prevailing winds are easterly so they are motor sailing on the outbound trip. However at sunrise there beholds a spectacle that is nothing short of a treat as if you are an early bird as i am & after traveling half way around the planet my internal clock was still back on Lone Star time; so there i was watching the Sunrise over the ocean & was able to observe this amazing sight as a fleet of sails returned to the beach in which they set off from earlier that morning.
The rig on these fishing vessels is also unique with a Lateen type rig called a Crab Claw sail made of colored cloth (although many of the newer canoes are built in fiberglass & sport dacron sails) and the out riggers are made in part with bamboo & mahogany of which is one of the primary materials for construction here in Indonesia. After a fast pace run down wind & once close to shore they lower their rigs & fire up their outboards and motor in to the beach and get as far up into the sand as possible as the tides on Bali at least on the eastern end of the island can come in quite high. After the fisherman secure their canoes, it's off to market with the day's catch of the which more often is mackerel or a similar type fish. Sometimes they catch a Baramundi which i can tell you is delicious especially when prepared on a grill with Balinese herbs & local spices.
During our visit to Bali, we were able to take a trip out on one of these amazing outrigger canoes to watch the sunset the fisherman's name was Wayan although spoke very little English you could tell that the Ocean was in his blood and this tradition had been passed down from generations before him. To observe this was a real treat and from a time & place that remains strong in local tradition it really makes you appreciate a simpler way of life. Needless to say whether you are racing around the Globe in the GGR or out fishing for your favorite bite #LifesBetterOnaBoat where ever you maybe...